A New Age of Network Communications

Give your customers unparalleled support in moments that matter most.

Emergency Services

Compassionate support in crisis situations

Customer Care

Scalable call centers adapted to task, brand, and industry


Modernization of traditional telecommunication platforms and applications

Technical Innovation With a Human Touch

Welcome to the future of emergency response, customer care and voice-to-cloud services.

Future-Proof Your Communications

Viiz develops data-rich, cloud-network solutions that connect your customers with the information and support they need — today and in the future.
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Smart Technology, Human Support and the Data That Connects Them

For 20 years, Viiz has developed network communications solutions that combine the best of both worlds:

Cloud-Based Technology

Our secure and redundant mesh network collects and transmits all forms of data, safely and reliably, to enhance the customer experience and bolster emergency response services.

Human Element

Our trained and dedicated call center agents can mobilize quickly to provide brand- and industry-specific support, both in crisis and customer care situations.

Get the attention you deserve.

The Viiz team thrives on solving challenges others find too difficult or specialized to handle.

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Our Network:

The Foundation for Modern Solutions

Our fully redundant cloud-based mesh network integrates and transports all forms of data from any device to enhance and personalize the end-user experience.


interactions per year


monitoring and data protection


endpoints able to connect to the Viiz cloud through their service providers


call centers in North America and abroad

Our People:

Live Support When a Bot Won’t Do

Every moment matters to your customers, so their moments matter to us. We provide live support, fortified by data, to enhance the customer experience and successfully resolve the problem or question.

Personalized With Data

Our agents use all forms of data, fed through our secure network, to make every interaction individualized and helpful.

Adapted to Brand

Your customers receive a seamless customer experience in keeping with your company and brand requirements.

Scaled Quickly

Viiz can connect and mobilize both in-house and at-home agents to suit the project and scope.

Empathetic & Professional

Whether handling an emergency or customer care situation, Viiz agents provide a caring and capable presence.

Mobilize Your Call Center Operations in a Flash

Our cloud-based network lets us connect call centers and agents quickly, without the constraints of hardware and geography. 

Agents are matched to your project based on your needs, whether emergency triage, customer care, operator support, bilingual services or other.

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