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Data + Human Support for Critical Moments

IoT-Informed Emergency Response Is Here

Connected devices and apps can provide life-saving information in emergency situations, but only if the data can get to the right first responder — fast.
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Connect Your Devices and Data to Protect and Save Lives
Viiz supports faster, more precise emergency response for your customers by integrating your smart devices and technologies into our network and making their data accessible to our live agents.
Put your users’ data to use in an emergency, providing real-time information about location, personal description, vehicle type and more.
Send data from mPERS and other wearable devices to emergency agents so they can detect falls, monitor vital signs and mobility, track location and more.
Connected Mobility
Ensure data from your vehicle sensors and apps can mobilize emergency response in the case of an accident, breakdown or lost or stolen vehicle.
Home Safety
Share real-time information from your security systems to drive a swift, accurate response during a fire, break-in or medical emergency.
Public Safety (9-1-1)
Get quick, capable support during major disasters or outages from our agents, who can triage calls and pull data from all types of connected devices.
A Powerful Combination:

Data Plus Human Support for Every Critical Situation

Technical Innovation

We develop custom technology solutions that collect and carry data across our secure mesh network.

Our network safely and reliably transmits life-saving data 24/7 by integrating seamlessly with:

  • devices
  • applications
  • telematics
  • and more

Skilled Customer Support

Our compassionate customer representatives triage the needs of each caller and then involve first responders as needed. They collect all relevant data transmitted from connected devices to pass along accurate, real-time information that can save lives.

Smart Technologies Are Transforming Public Safety

51.9 billion
number of connected devices expected by 2025
272 million
number of connected vehicles currently in use.
average number of connected devices in the average U.S. household
estimated reduction in emergency response time with smart technologies.
estimated reduction in assaults, robberies, burglaries and auto theft through use of smart applications.
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Real-Time Data, 
When Every Second Matters

In a moment of crisis, your customers’ data can provide vital information to first responders. 

Viiz provides complex API integrations that carry all forms of data from your emergency-assist technologies — devices, applications, telematics and more — to the emergency response specialists who can help. Our Layer 2, cloud-based network contains redundancies across geographic connection points, carriers and call centers to ensure we can remain secure and reliable 24/7, even during most public network outages.

A Calm Voice in a Crisis

Our expertly-trained, emergency response specialists provide a steady, compassionate presence in critical situations.

They assess the situation, speaking directly with the individual if possible; review all available data on our customizable, WebRTC-based platform; and determine how to proceed based on the need and client-preferred workflows. That usually involves patching through to the appropriate 9-1-1 PSAP but may also include notifying emergency contacts or, in non-emergency cases, providing the necessary assistance.
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How It Works

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Customer device or app triggers notification and sends API transaction with all available data.
Viiz emergency response specialist receives alert and speaks to end user to determine whether emergency response is required.
Specialist provides handoff to the appropriate 9-1-1 PSAP, staying on the call to share relevant customer data that will aid in a fast, thorough response.

Let Viiz Tailor a Solution to Better Protect Your Users

From complex API integrations to live monitoring and data-enriched support, Viiz can customize an emergency response solution that best suits your business and your customers.
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