Why viiz?

Are you looking for a communications partner who sees beyond a call? viiz puts the smile back in communications. We are experienced professionals who care. We care for our employees, our customers and the world around us. viiz provides reliable core communications services, value in our product and service offering, and the ability to bridge to the future. We refer to these as voice, value, and vision...all from viiz.

viiz voice


viiz knows voice. Voice is the foundation of our company. viiz facilitates voice communications and enables collaboration. From the underlying network to managing interactions, viiz is the provider that keeps the conversations going.


viiz ensures that our company stays true to our core values of trust, responsibility, and an intense focus on customer service. Value is what we provide to our customers. We deliver and support products and services that work. Value also means a price that works for everyone.  


viiz is vision. The difference with viiz is that we stay focused on the core, foundational products, while upgrading and ensuring relevance in the future. viiz provides a path to the future for our customers and partners.

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