viiz Announces New US Headquarters in Denver, CO

viiz communications, a trusted technology supplier of Wholesale Services to the voice Industry, announced today their continued US expansion, with a new Headquarters location in Denver, CO.  viiz’s client base includes all major Telco’s, cablecos in the US and Canada in addition to VoIP, enterprise providers and application developers.

 “Our new Colorado HQ, in addition to our Operations and Call Center in Alabama, support our continued growth in voice services including Emergency 9-1-1 solutions,” says Susan Poteat, VP of North American Sales. “The Greenwood Village location made perfect sense for viiz representing a hub that aligns with our innovative technology and telecommunications strategy. “said James MacKenzie, CEO of viiz.

About viiz

viiz leads the telecommunications market with innovative voice services and solutions. Our core principle, “everything voice”, is built on our long-term commitment and R&D investment in our voice product portfolio.

Our services include:  Operator & Emergency Services; Directory Assistance; Directory Listing Management/Publishing; Message and IP Relay Services; IP Relay Smart Phone Applications; Intercept; N11 routing; Billing & Clearinghouse; SaaS; legacy voice platform replacement services; in addition to onshore and offshore call center support in all languages.   

Our Emergency Solutions include 0- Emergency, 9-1-1, VoIP 9-1-1, Wi-Fi 9-1-1, Telematics and any smart device –IoT, mPERS and work closely with clients to support their specific emergency solutions.

For more information please visit our website at or contact us directly at 855-937-8449. 

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