Emergency Services

Assisting callers in time of need, viiz provides emergency services.

Emergency services provided by viiz include Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP/SIP) 9-1-1, Alarm Monitoring, Vehicular Telematics, IP Relay, and MPER Monitoring. With 24/7/365 coverage across North America our APCO certified Emergency Response Specialists are qualified to handle the many types of services offered by viiz.

PSAP Emergency ConnectTM, viiz Emergency Call Center Services

USA and Canadian based geographically redundant call centers ensure true 24/7/365 call-taking coverage regardless of call origination or size of the emergency event. viiz maintains the most secure and redundant mesh network to make certain the call always gets answered and connected to correct PSAP.

Emergency Call Center Services can be accessed through the following:

  • Mobile E-91-1, VoIP E-9-1-1, Wi-Fi-voice E-9-1-1 (Stationary and Nomadic);
  • Telematics;
  • Any Internet of Things (IoT) Device;
  • Dial 0 declared emergencies;
  • Mobile Personal Emergency Response Service (mPERS) Device;
  • WebRTC

Our Emergency Call Center staff

viiz goes beyond managing only voice and audio for emergency calls. We have the capability to receive and process the data payload that accompanies voice from these devices and relay appropriate information to the PSAP. Core features include:

  • PSAP Routing based on emergency and location;
  • 2 and 3+ way voice interaction;
  • Bi-directional communications with both voice and data payloads;
  • Video and voice media support;
  • Visual event location mapping;
  • Situational event/location/individual Data;
  • APCO Certified Public Safety Telecommunicator or Customer Certified Agents;
  • Meet or exceed NENA standards for answering 9-1-1 calls

VSP Emergency ConnectTM

interconnection is SIP, ISDN-PRI, or dedicated private circuit, viiz can properly locate the voice endpoint and route the emergency call to the appropriate PSAP, while providing additional situational data to fully support the call taking effort.

Voice Service Provider (VSP) Service Provisioning and Management Services

  • Database Management /Location coordination
  • Location database scrub and verification
  • NENA 2 format where required
  • API Administration Dashboard
  • Automated Batch or Administrator Dashboard data manipulation
  • Billing API and reconciliation
  • Client CRM integration (One-touch Provisioning)
  • Real-time Location updating
  • Group Text alerts
  • Endpoint/Alternative End-point location identification