Operator Services - List of Services

Regulated and non-regulated.

Types of service

Turn-key outsourced options.  Platform or platform and agents.  Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid.

Outsource capabilities

All types of OS calls can be handled, including (but not limited to) collect, 3rd party, person-to-person, credit card, calling card, etc.

OS calls

Agents listen to customer requests and access knowledge databases to provide telephone information and answers.

General assistance

Emergency calls

Agents offer special assistance to callers that are unable to dial or need special assistance.  
Strict protocols are adhered to and access to PSAP data enables effective handling of calls.

PSAP Transfer

PSAP is a public-safety answering (or access) point.  This is a call center responsible for answering calls to an emergency telephone number for police, firefighting and ambulance services.  Agents have access to the PSAP database and can transfer calls utilizing a soft-transfer process to ensure that the caller with an emergency gets connected to the PSAP location serving them.

Busy line verify

Agents can verify that a line is busy.  If emergency situation warrants action, agent creates ticket for handling and documentation.

Busy line interrupt

Agents can interrupt busy lines if an emergency situation warrants this action.

Agents can provide relay services for hearing impaired callers.

Assistance to the hearing impaired

Agents consult knowledge database to determine charges for payphone calls, requesting coin deposits for calls as necessary.

Public access dialing assistance

Agents calculate and quote pricing and charges for services such as long distance calls.

Rate quotes

Agents provides assistance to callers with special billing requests.

Billing assistance

Agents can create and escalate trouble tickets to reports customer, local service provider (e.g. internet, utilities, non-emergency authorities, etc.) issues and outages.

Trouble tickets

Agents can promote company products, services and plans when appropriate in the call flow.


Agents can, if M&P's concur, access directory assistance databases to provide listing information to callers.

Directory assistance

Agents can operate systems to advance and complete connections for local, long distance, payphone, mobile, person-to-person, collect, and emergency calls.


Agents can monitor automated systems for placing collect calls and can intervene for calls where callers need assistance.

Automated monitoring