Telematics - Safety and so much more



Telematics is a method of capturing and processing data, which includes sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices to control remote objects. Originally associated with fleet and consumer vehicles, telematics has expanded to mobile devices and wearables.   As a telematics service provider, viiz is excited to be a part of this industry; there are currently many telematics features, and we continue to expand our client base and differentiate our service offering.  A key feature of the viiz offering is the amount of relevant, usable data that we are able to send with the call to enhance the users’ safety.  The most common telematics features include:

  • Safety and Security in Emergencies -
    • Emergency crash notifications.
    • Emergency or “Good Samaritan” assistance via a “Help” or “SOS” button.
    • Roadside assistance with embedded GPS.
    • Stolen vehicle tracking and remote shutdown.
    • Valet notifications.
    • Alarm notifications.
  • Remote Access from computers, tablets, smartphones and mobile apps -
    • Door lock and unlock.
    • Start horn & lights.
    • Vehicle locate.
  • Driving Monitoring sent to you -Speed alerts -
    • Location information.
    • Boundary outlines.
    • Driving data: average speed, acceleration, braking, etc.
    • Vehicle diagnostics and health report
  • Personal assistance -
    • POI downloads.
    • Location based traffic and weather.
    • Agents assisted door lock and unlock.
    • Navigation requests: destination, traveler services
  • WiFi, Infotainment Connections -
    • Streaming sports/news/stock information.
    • Streaming music or media via Pandora and other providers.
    • Text message and email display.
    • Traffic information and rerouting.
    • Weather information.
    • Vehicle software updates.

The automotive market now has telematics offerings in major car manufactures across the globe. According to Autodealer Today, in the January 2017 article, 60% - 80% of cars in the US, will have installed (embedded) telematics in 2017. By, 2022, however, 75% of cars will have connected car packages.”  Aftermarket products like Verizon Telematics’ hum and Sfara’s mobile app will add to these numbers in the consumer automobile, business fleet, wearables and mobile apps; this will increase the ability to be connected most anywhere.

The insurance industry is also a large consumer of telematics in usage-based insurance (UBI). Through telematics data, insurance companies are able to link actual individual customer data to provide more accurately configured premiums, saving both the insurance company and the customer. According to NAIC, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, UBI is poised for rapid growth in the US. According to SMA Research, approximately 70% of all auto insurance carriers are expected to use telematics UBI by 2020.

In the world of call centers and telematics, information and 911 calls are at the core of the telematics offering. As the technology, products and services expand, we at viiz know how critical it is that the service call centers provide brings the speed of versatility and flexibility of dynamic development to ensure the success of our enterprise partners.   We understand the importance of the industry, and we stand ready 24x7x365 to provide essential technology and call center support.

Martha Johnson, Director, Telematics & eCall, viiz communications