A Day in the Life of a viiz Call Centre Agent

viiz communications offers 24/7 inbound call handling services.  With call centres located in Canada, the U.S. and the Philippines, we are truly able to provide the right service, at the right time, from the right location.  For our centres, this means that they will be effectively handling a variety of call types, from a variety of customers.  For our call centre agents, this means that they come in every day knowing that today will bring a different set of challenges than the day before.

 viiz Calgary Call Centre Agent Denise

Denise is one of our top agents, and while some agents may be dedicated to a specific service, Denise's skill set enables her to take different types of calls.

She started her day today taking Operator Services calls.  This queue primarily allows us to assist callers in connecting their calls using credit cards, collect, or third-party payment services.  But, by its nature, Operator Services can be a general line for callers to ask for advice or assistance on a number of call and phone related issues.  This includes everything from providing the actual time at a city overseas, to directing the caller as to how to get billing assistance, to even handling emergency calls.  

Today Denise handled an emergency call in which someone was injured and needed emergency medical services.  She quickly connected the call to EMS and then stayed on the line with the injured party until the ambulance arrived.

After her break, Denise filled in on our Message Relay Call queue.  This queue requires a very special skill set.  Callers in this queue can be deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired.  Our agents work as a communications relay for these callers.  They use a special system that allows the agent to act as a go between to relay each parties’ responses - word for word - either by text or verbally. 

Denise finds this queue highly rewarding and takes extra care to ensure that she is relaying each parties’ conversation exactly.  Today she helped callers relay messages to manage bill payments, arrange for cable TV connections and confirm appointments.

Typically, Denise ended her shift working our Directory Assistance queues.  But Denise is also able to speak Spanish, so she has been asked to fill in on our Spanish queues instead.    Viiz provides both French and Spanish language services.   These queues can be a combination of Operator Services and Directory Assistance calls.  As a result, they are some of our most dynamic queues. 

At the end of her shift, Denise met with her supervisor and received some positive feedback on her calls.  Her supervisor let her know that tomorrow, she would be working a specialty queue for one of our clients.  Tomorrow will be another day and another challenge!

Michael Yewchuck, viiz Calgary Call Centre Manager