Why Voice Is Still Important

A message from our President & CEO -

I am often asked why viiz is in the payphone business in addition to our many other voice products and applications. Our recent acquisition of the remaining payphones in Hawaii has fueled even more discussion so I thought it made sense to present my position online for all to read.

Let me first start by telling you that viiz was originally the public access division of Nortel Networks. So we go way back to the coin slot payphone at a time when payphones were the only method of communication for many individuals. Payphones and providing a necessary voice service to those who have no other way to connect are part of our DNA. It means a great deal to the people of viiz to be part of a critical public service that ensures a scared teenager whose cellphone battery is dead can call home, or a homeless person can make a call to a loved one, or someone in danger can dial 911, or the financial challenged can simply make a phone call. There are so many instances when payphones are used to connect people when there are no other options.

Yes we acknowledge the need is not as great as it was 25 years ago, but the need is still there, and the need is real. viiz is uniquely positioned to provide this service and do it in such a way that keeps more phones on the wall and available than anyone else. We are a telephone company, and we do it all which allows us to do it more cost effectively than any payphone provider in the industry. We own the payphone technology, operate the computer systems required for their operation, have our own spare parts, have telephone operators who provide operator and directory assistance, own our own switching infrastructure, have a staff of engineers and developers, and so much more.

We are most likely the only telephone company focused on voice versus cable TV and other media services. viiz is voice, and payphones are a critical voice application. That’s why we are in the payphone business….and to be honest... it feels good!

James MacKenzie, viiz President & CEO