Should Emergency Call Center Agents Wear Capes?

Have you ever watched a police drama on TV like NCIS or Blue Bloods and marveled at how calm and cool the characters are in terrifying situations?   Real life emergency responders face those scenarios heroically every day.  I have an office job in telecommunications – happily, I’ve never had to deal with a frightening incident as part of my job.  There is a group of viiz staff members, however, who by simply answering the phone can find themselves in these situations every day – our Emergency Call Services Agents.    

 Emergency Call agents

Emergency Call agents

Earlier in the week, I was reviewing some Emergency Call Services call summaries from the evening before, and I was struck by how the service these Agents provide is truly critical – in every sense of the word.   Our Emergency Call Service Agents can receive emergency calls directly from 911, vehicle assistance systems and operator service lines, at any time.  That means that our Agents always have to be ready to face a genuine crisis and address it with professionalism, competency and nerves of steel.

The first few call summaries I read through included a couple of misdirected calls on relatively routine matters, and our agents provided the appropriate feedback and information.  Then I got to the calls that made my heart pound.   In the interest of privacy, I can’t share too many details, but let me just say these callers were truly in dangerous situations – and they were relying on our Agents’ assistance.    There were two life threatening medical emergencies where our Agents contacted the appropriate 911 service and remained on the line until medical assistance was on the scene.   There was a caller being confronted by someone with a weapon and another who had come upon two small children alone in a deserted area; our Agents made the connection with the police and stayed on the line with the callers until they were no longer needed.  

This was just a small sample of one evening in the life of an Emergency Call Services Agent.   These Agents not only have an impact on someone’s day, they have an impact on their life.  Doing their job?  Yes.  Superhero?  I think so.