Together We Can Make a Difference

At viiz our hearts break for the victims of the recent terror attack in London and throughout the world.  When faced with such abject evil, we can be left with a feeling that there’s nothing we, as individuals, can do.   However, it is at these times, that it is most critical for us to join together and prove that good will always defeat evil.  One of the victims of the London attack was a young woman named Chrissy Archibald – a former resident of Calgary and a social worker at a local homeless shelter.   In the face of the devastating loss of their daughter and sister, Chrissy’s family  requests that people interested in honoring her memory volunteer or donate to their local homeless shelter and tell them, “Chrissy sent me.” 

Chrissy was an inspiration who impacted many lives through her work.  So, in memory of Chrissy and all the victims of recent terror attacks, viiz will make a donation to Alpha House in Calgary, and we encourage our team members, our partners, and our friends to volunteer at or donate to a homeless shelter, or other worthy cause, in your community.  Terrorism is no match for individuals standing strong together.