Our Technology & Network

We provide services to our customers through the cloud

Our voice-focused services are the product of a long active R&D program, ensuring the stability and reliability of our systems. In addition to providing cloud based solutions, we offer the option of fully outsourcing solutions through our Global Call Center Operation. Every solution we build is developed and adapted to fit our customers, maximizing efficiency and usability for customers and businesses focused on strategic non-voice objectives. 

Our global network spans across North America, Asia and Europe.

Our voice platform is custom designed to be cloud and software based

  • Google, Amazon and Oracle are all compatible with our custom solutions
  • Our solutions support all forms of interconnect: SIP, TDM, TF, IP, L2/L3 with and without BGP, SS7

As we work with cloud based technology, we are not constrained by hardware and can connect to our customers anywhere in the world. With access to 17 regions and over 100 points of presence worldwide, our instantly scalable network and data centers are fully redundant and fault tolerant. As emergency calls are a core part of our services, we’ve ensured the stability and reliability of our network, bringing quality to all our call solutions.