viiz Intercept Service - Draft Page

viiz Intercept Service is a professional solution to redirect callers from disconnected phone numbers to new numbers.  In addition, if one business splits into several, Intercept lets callers who dial the intercepted number hear a message that informs them of the split, provides the referral numbers, and allows the caller to select one.  Contact us to learn how we can customize a solution for your business!

Operational Excellence


Our unique partnership with our telecommunications customers ensures customized service and real time updates.  Our process includes a daily feed from our customers, record aging for daily purges, online updates, custom announcements for each referral number, and audit trails for each change to the database. 

Product Features

  • ANI - Automatic Number Intercept
  • ONI - Operator Backed Intercept  - numbers that are identified as requiring Operator handling.
  • Split Referral Handling  - When a professional practice or business splits up, the intercepted (original) number is split into multiple numbers. The announcement plays each of the referral (new) numbers and the customer selects one. Call completion is optional on each number.
  • Pre & Post Effective Date Processing  - The customer has the option to play different announcements prior to and after the effective date of the number change.
  • Intercept Cut Through - The business pays for the call completion  and the caller hears, “Please hold while we connect your call.“
  • Multi Language -  Announcements are in English and Spanish. Agent displays and portal screens are English only.
  • Standard Deflection Announcement - Similar to DRAM treatment provided by the DMS, when no digits are supplied, a standard announcement plays.