viiz Hurricane Matching Gift Initiative

 hurricane harvey matching git

hurricane harvey matching git


As you may be aware, recent hurricanes have inflicted a staggering amount of damage in and around Houston, Texas, in Louisiana, in Florida in Puerto Rico, and elsewhere.  There has been a loss of life, and it's estimated that tens of thousands of people will need temporary shelter as rebuilding efforts continue.  Local officials have said that it will take months, possibly years, for these regions and their residents to recover from this devastating catastrophe.

We would also like to do our part to support those who are suffering now and the recovery that lies ahead, and so viiz has made a sizable donation towards these relief efforts.  In addition, we have set up a viiz Matching Gift Program.  viiz will match donations made by viiz staff and their immediate family members to the American Red Cross in support of Hurricane relief efforts through September 20 with an additional company donation. 

If you make a donation to a recognized non-profit organization (CCRA verified in Canada and 501c3 in the US) other than the Red Cross and have documentation confirming that the donation was earmarked for Harvey relief, we will include that amount in our incremental donation to the Red Cross.  To make a donation directly towards Red Cross hurricane relief, click here.

To have your donation matched as a part of this program, please forward a copy of your receipt to Sue Robinson ( by September 20.  Thank you for joining us in supporting this important initiative!

August 30, 2017 (updated September 13, 2017)