Emergency Services

viiz is the voice of safety and security; helping callers in their time of need is a core tenant of the viiz culture.  We handle emergency services calls for more telecommunications carriers than any other provider in North America, and our highly trained people are always ready to take an emergency call and to ensure callers get the help they need in a timely, professional manner.  Our development team can customize a solution to meet the needs of your organization, and we offer a telecommunications carrier grade network and cloud solutions.  Contact us today to learn more!

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PSAP Connectivity

  • viiz offers routing options:
    • GPS-enabled routing
    • Nationwide 911 routing
    • Mobile ready 911 routing
  • Our platform has the ability to follow calls with movement.
  • viiz has the ability to pass mobile phone, CRM and agent-collected data with each call.

Agents, Training, and Quality

  • viiz call agents have has handled emergency calls since 1995.
  • APCO certified agents are available.
  • viiz offers customizable, scalable applications.
  • viiz has an in-house, responsive quality team.
  • Supervisors monitor each agent.
  • viiz has risk management and business continuity plans in place.