viiz call center services

Do you need a call center to handle your inbound calls? With call centers merging and industry saturation resulting in many companies not getting the attention they are looking for, viiz might just be the right partner for you. Our call center solutions can include agents in the US, Canada, and/or the Philippines. Both bricks-and-mortar agents and work-at-home-agents can provide excellent service based on our customers needs.

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viiz provides high quality, service oriented agents in the US and Canada. Our experienced management team can provide the right onshore solution to meet your call center needs.

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viiz provides high quality, service oriented agents in the Philippines. Our team can provide the best value in offshore call center solutions for your requirements.

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Work at Home

Looking for a more affordable onshore option? Looking for the ability to scale up and down faster? viiz solutions include work-at-home agents in the US and Canada, ready to go to work for you.