viiz Billing Services


 viiz billing solutions

Market Overview

Year over year industry analysis shows that traditional voice is in decline, some services more than others.  

These dynamics can be challenging for Service Providers in the billing and collection market.  Regulatory obligations and voice revenue objectives may remain a requirement in your business, however the expenses and resources to support these services make it appear that these services are no longer viable.

 Aligned with the viiz strategy to commit and invest in voice, VBS has solutions that can fulfill both your regulatory and business requirements.    

Clearinghouse Solutions

Whatever your billing requirements, viiz has a solution for your business.  VBS acts as a gateway between Service Providers and Billers for voice services that are alternately billed or sent paid.  
•    Providers include the following services:  Payphones; Operator Services; Aggregators for public traffic such as hotels and resorts; 900; Inmate; Long Distance
•    Billers:  Local Exchange Carriers (“LEC”) in Canada and the US; Credit card; Mobile; Direct invoice billing; 
•    Customized payment services; 
•    Industry expertise and consultation
•    Operator Services (DA, OA, MRS, IP Relay) and clearinghouse bundled or stand alone
•    Database services:  authentication and validation


Voice calls can originate globally and terminate globally.  VBS has a billing solution that will suit your business requirements for all alternately billed and send paid calls and call records.